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For people seeking, professional help for addiction problems.

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Clear and Release unwanted habits.
Discover that life can be lived without compromise.
Make your own choices, your own decisions.
Gain CONTROL. Find your Freedom.

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A simple plan which enables you to achieve your goals.
Designed by you, aided by us.
A clear path of concrete steps to get you where you want to be.
Personal, Discrete, Affordable. 


Explore a natural and peaceful route that
empowers your decision to CHANGE.
Easily locate the DESIRE, MOTIVATION,

“Thank you for giving me my life back! And I’ve done it while I’m young with my whole life ahead of me. All those years of drinking, using, drinking, using…with no way out that I could see. I hated my mum for contacting you. I thought it would be the same old dry meetings and rehab routine. Who wants to sit around talking about horrible stuff when you’re just 22! The four week course was exceptionally clear and simple to follow…I even manged to get back on track with my college work at the same time…really helped get things in perspective that I didn’t realise was bothering me. Do the course..it will sort your life out. ” – Chloe (Glasgow)

“Humanity has advanced. It has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.”

― Tom Robbins


Take Control of Your Life

Overcome Compulsive Addictive Behaviours

without compromise

Or shame

Realised Recovery is a refreshing approach to personal development and the age old problem of addiction. Addiction comes in many guises, and wears beautiful masks. It used to be obvious…booze or heroin, or crack cocaine. These days, we ALL face life bursting at the seams with habits and behaviours which dominate and kill our enjoyment of life. Sex, love, food, gambling, gaming…they all have the potential to control us and keep us in chains. The way out is simple.

We offer a sensible approach to help you gain full control of unwanted habits. We help you better understand your relationship with substances and overcome the struggles you are having with them. It’s is not about quitting, it’s about being in charge of your own choices. We help you make choices that promote well being, positive health and radical self worth.

Together we make sense of how you got to where you are today. You’ll get a fresh perspective on what matters in your life and what you need to be happier and more fulfilled. Feel good about yourself, gain deeper insight into your life and how to change it for the absolute better. 

Successfully gain control, put your life in order, be happy. No need to pray.

“She (Lorraine) is a truly professional and gifted therapist”….” Lorraine works with a sure footed, calm and respectful authenticity.  It is pleasure to watch her work because she knows what she is doing and she always works professionally, safely and effectively. 

I cannot commend her work high enough and have no hesitation in absolutely recommending Lorraine. If you have the opportunity to work through your issues with her then take it!  You have been fortunate enough to find one of the best!” 

Stanley R Sanders Addictions Therapist – MA Found, BA Hons (Psych), And Dip Crim

“When you quit drinking you stop waiting”– Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A love Story


The  Realised Recovery programme is broken down into six manageable parts.  You will receive one a week by email. All of the work is personalised, we do not rinse and repeat. Depending on your package, 6 Online Modules. 2 Private 1 hr Consultations Face to Face or Virtual. Weekly Telephone Check – in’s. Email Support. AccountabilityDiscrete. Anonymous. Motivational. 


There is absolutely no requirement to stop using. Your way out is a journey not an event. You will awaken and take control, confident in your personal strength and conviction; with confidence; without shame. This is a journey into self discovery, and you will be amazed at the resources you find within you.

We Meet You Were You're At

We understand that facing an addiction is a punch in the face. There is no judgement, no forcing. No labels. You have come here because something is bugging you. You can learn to moderate a sticky habit. You can enjoy your life again…summer parties, drinks on the beach…whatever. What we help you with is enjoying those pleasures without waking up ashamed, fearful….out of control. There is a way to be free. We can show you how.

Love can never tear us apart…it can only build us and make us whole again. It can only nourish and feed us….if we allow it in.

Take Charge Of Your Live

Become Whole Again

Lorraine is a leading UK addictions therapist, with over 15 years experience. She conceived the idea of Realised Recovery in response to the needs of countless individuals seeking a sensible and doable approach to problem behaviours and habits. She works with drinkers, drug users and people struggling with issues around food, sex and relationships. Gaming and internet fixation is the new kid on the block and she is well versed in tackling all manner of problem habits which rob thousands of living a full and complete life.

She has coached hundreds of people back to health and happiness.

Since 2003 Lorraine has worked mainly in the addictions field and has come to recognise that all of us has an addiction, be it to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gaming, shopping, relationships, love, sex, the list is endless.

Addiction is an element of being human. Lorraine’s mission is not to stop you using your resources i.e your helpful ‘friend’, but to help you use your resources to claim back your life.

To help people no longer be driven by compulsion in pursuit of happiness, but to live life with pure passion…there is a huge difference.

Feeling good every day does not come with a negative consequence. Yes it needs daily maintenance and attention, but it is not fulfilled with platitudes or memes. It comes with common sense, personal responsibility and self-worth. We assist you in finding and implementing these simple tools for better living.

Realised Recovery offers packages to meet all needs and budgets. We meet you where you’re at, and never force a dogma of recovery that is not suitable for you. We challenge you, yes. You might find the programme uncomfortable at times. But you are the orchestrator of your recovery. You know how to heal, and we assist that process.

Turn your life ON today…. It’s not about wishing; it’s about RESULTS…..

We make those results possible.


Explore a natural and peaceful route towards CHANGE. Easily access the DESIRE, MOTIVATION, and ABILITY to SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.

“My mind may be sober, but my confidence is high!”

– Habeeb Akande


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“It’s hard to walk a straight line when you have nothing to hold onto”

― Blake Mays

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